About Us

Founded and managed by Can Gurel and Ida Gurel, a brother and sister team, Claro Furniture is a specialty store focused on providing unique hand made furniture.  

We have already been actively involved in home decoration with our www.kilim.com site in providing the best of handwoven vintage rugsrunners, contemporary rugs and custom weaving services since 2001. We started making furniture with our long time passion for solid wood  and good design. All our pieces are handcrafted in the artisan style. Walnut is our premier wood of choice with its beautiful grain and color, so each piece is unique and special. Our team also designs and produces sand cast aluminium and brass table legs.

We also design and produce bespoke metal legs for special projects. Please contact us with your ideas and inquiries. We produce all furniture in our wood and metal workshops in Istanbul, Turkey and ship them worldwide. 

We will also be adding more designs soon, so check back often or subscribe to our newsletter.